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‘Teen Mom’ Kailyn Lowry Strips Down to Reveal Weight Loss


Back in 2013, Lowry revealed that she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after she sought treatment for mood swings, anxiety and depression. A few incidents on “Teen Mom 2” played out, as well, that showcased some insane blowups between Lowry and then-BF Javi Marroquin that also contributed to her believing she had bipolar disorder. Years later, Lowry paid a visit to “The Doctors” TV show and was informed she had been misdiagnosed.

“[To] have a diagnosis of Bipolar 2, you have to have had one depressive episode and then you need to have symptoms like an inflated grandiose mood, increased activity levels, increased energy, plus three or more symptoms from the main bipolar criteria from at least four days,” Dr. Shala Modir told Radar Online.

She added, “In our case, Kail didn’t meet that criteria.”

Lowry was relieved to find out the news and realized that regular therapy and medications were easily managed and led to her having a much happier life.

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