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Dietician Alexey Kovalkov was named the best drink with a high sugar


A famous physician-nutritionist Kovalkov Alex called one of the best drinks for high blood sugar levels. When you use suppressed hunger, its composition helps to cope with the increased appetite.

Врач-диетолог Алексей Ковальков назвал лучший напиток при высоком сахаре

Patients suffering from the initial form of diabetes, sometimes resort to frequent snacking, thereby provoking the increase of sugar level in the blood. To control this process, it is necessary to drink coffee, as it is one of the best tools that help to limit portions. Instead of another snack should be a Cup called drink. Kavalkou said that these practices it has used for many years. Coffee effectively suppresses hunger and discourage any desire to eat. However, it is not recommended to drink neat because of the danger of removing calcium from the body.

The nutritionist said that he drinks coffee with cream or milk. However, the drink is useful to add a variety of spices, including pepper. The effect on the “off” hunger is caused by the presence of caffeine, this element breaks down glycogen in liver to glucose, eventually the feeling of hunger is suppressed for one hour. Along with this named component effectively burn fats in the body.

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