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Coach Adel talked about extreme weight loss singer


Adele was news-with its stunning physical transformation
Adele was news-with its stunning physical transformation

The man who was her personal trainer in London Pete Geracimosaid about the debate that led to the physical transformation of British singer Adelethat may have lost more than 50 kg to observe a strict diet.

New and shocking photos Adele came in last Thursday for his 32 birthday, when a voice “Hello” appeared in Instagram a photograph in which I came out in a short black dress can be seen almost beyond recognition.

“I am sorry to read negative comments and accusations gordofobia questioned the authenticity of his amazing weight loss. During my personal experience with her, went through a lot of UPS and downs and have always made their pace and their conditions,” said Geracimo in an extensive publication that accompanied with a photo of the performer in the pool.

“I was never the talent that God has given or limited, and the singer who provides his body or be women would be more sexy to sell records. Has let your voice speaking, though, rather, I should say, sing! Never imagined that it was not. What I saw was that he. Indeed, each of us is loved!”, he continued a personal trainer.

Photo shared by Pete Geracimo in your profile on Instagram (IG: @petegeracimo)
Photo shared by Pete Geracimo in your profile on Instagram (IG: @petegeracimo)

Geracimo later to explain that when he started working with the singer, there was no intention that never ends “super slim”, but remained “healthy”

“I couldn’t be more proud and happier for her! This metamorphosis is not to sell albums, advertising or to become a role model. So do myself and son Angelo“- said Geracimo.

“When Adele and I began our journey together, never had a problem, to be super-thin. It was a question of to be healthy. Especially after pregnancy or after surgery. When he released ’25’ and announced the tour, we must prepare ourselves to about thirteen months boring. I had already started training, and even changed their eating habits. As a result, he lost a lot of weight and people understand. The transformation of his body, were discussed in all the tabloids. Attention created was stunning,” continued Gercimo.

Pete Geracimo with Adele in the training (IG: @Adele)
Pete Geracimo with Adele in the training (IG: @Adele)

“Since I moved to Los Angeles, everyone knows that he survived and personal difficulties. It is normal that the changes will go to new “I,” and we want to become the best version of themselves. She took the best eating habits and promised their physical condition and ‘fuck’!”, insisted.

The British singer, who currently lives in Los Angeles, divorced Simon Konecki, with whom has a child in common, a year ago. It is believed that Adele plans to release this year, in September, their new album, but the artist has not yet confirmed.

“I hope people thank hard work that Adele has done to improve its benefit and that of their families. Not lost weight to make others feel bad about themselves. This transformation of personality has nothing to do with you and me. This is Adele, and you want to live your life. It remains to Adele, with whom we grew up and we love. Only there is one small minus for all. So I think that now in shape and wonderful, and she can go on tour! We all win!”, – said the coach in his defense of the state music star.


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