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San Antonio company deploying robots to combat coronavirus – Health News


SAN ANTONIO (KENS) — One San Antonio company is taking on an international crisis, one robot at a time.

“When environmental services workers clean hospitals, we ask them to do an impossible when we want them to clean a room perfectly in only 20 minutes,” said Dr. Sarah Simmons, Epidemiologist at Xenex Healthcare Services.

“So things get missed and when we miss surfaces, we leave bacteria and viruses behind that can cause infections in the next patient,” Dr. Simmons said. “UV disinfection is used to correct this problem.”

Xenex Disinfection Services has created UV robots to take on the toughest of viruses, including ebola and the coronavirus.

So how does it work? The robot is stationed inside a room and is able to disinfect every single surface with UV lights.

It’s a disinfection process Xenex employees say can kill the coronavirus in five minutes.

“Xenex has sold into over 500 hospitals in the United States,” Dr. Simmons said. “We’re in Korea, we’re in Japan, we’re in Thailand, where they’re having transmission of these diseases, and they are getting robots into hospitals.”

As for China, Xenex says they’re working on it, but there is some legal red tape.

“We have received calls from the U.S. government and the Chinese government asking how they can deploy this technology. We have not gone into the Chinese market yet because of concerns of protecting our intellectual property,” Dr. Simmons said. “But considering the scope of the outbreak, as a humanitarian gesture, we’d absolutely be willing to deploy robots.”

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